Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Elaboration on Essential Question

Question: What really bothers the elderly

(Physically and Mentally)

Challenge: How do we meet up to the elderly's NEEDS and WANTS?

A lot of people in this world will try to find ways of satisfying them rather than sourcing for the root cause of their unhappiness or dissatisfactions.

The basic concept of dissatisfying an elderly is when he/she needs to do a procedure over and over again just to accomplish a mission because of their inabilities or lack of help. For example, an elderly with Parkinson’s disease trying to button their clothing. Again and again, this particular elderly will have trouble fitting on their clothes on the first time, second time maybe or even more than that. Let’s put our feet into an elderly’s shoes. What will you want in daily life? Someone to talk to? Someone to help you in household chores? Someone to assist you in life, that’s it.