Thursday, July 1, 2010

Selecting your EQ's

Order of Essential Questions:

  1. How can we use what we have to benefit the elderly?
  2. What really bothers the elderly?
  3. What really satisfies the elderly?


  1. We can start by using what we already possess to help the elderly. It need not be any expensive products. It can be those little things such as a spare water bottle or a pair of old shoes. This will not only relief the financial burden of the elderly but also the inconvenience of going out to find what they need. One can also share daily necessities with them.
  2. We can really do intensive research to find out what troubles and bothers the elderly. This way, we can be careful the next time round when we interact with them. We will also understand what the elderly dislikes and avoid them.
  3. We can also do intensive research to find out what kind of activities or service pleases the elderly. This way, we note what kind of activities to organise for them or provide various services.


  1. Some good questions there, you might want to take a look at how some of these could be further elaborated in our next lesson/s, through brainstorming and such.

  2. For the second question i think that you have to be more specific as it is not possible to make a product out of that question

  3. Your questions are good in the sense that your target is aiming for happiness in their lives and easing their burdens.


  4. These questions are good, as they really pry into the secrets of the elderly's daily life. Q1 is also quite reasonable and better than to invent an new product.